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2011 Polaris Ranger EV LSV Charging/battery problems...fixed??

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Bought the 2011 EV LSV in late 2010. Nothing but charging problems. Took 8-10 hours to charge. Thought the problem would be solved by adding the second charger. Turns out the pins in the power connection weren't up to amp need. Fought, I mean fought with Polaris to replace one of the two burned out chargers. They did, very reluctantly in 2012. I paid for the labor. They wouldn't stand behind Polaris/DeltaQ bad engineering. Told dealer to leave the non-functioning second charger on the EV.

Bottom line, my Polaris EV dealer doesn't sell many (if other than my EV LSV) and therefor doesn't have competent or properly trained mechanics to deal with the problems that I had. My friend who happens to be a Club Car and Polaris GEM dealer knows and completely understands electric vehicles and engineering. He found out about the bad wiring and the wrong programming (algorithms) in the DeltaQ charger(s). Fixed, rewired, re-batteried and ready for the upcoming hunting seasons.

I love my EV LSV, but Polaris Corporate SUX. Did I say that Polaris Corporate SUX? They charge way too much for simple parts and don't, repeat don't back up their bad engineering and decision making. The previous sentence is backed by not less than three current Polaris dealers.

After reading posts over the past several years, Polaris may have addressed some of these issues in the 2012 EV and later models. But at the same time they took advantage of those of us who bought the early models and are charging WAY TOO MUCH money for standard off the shelf battery clamps, bearings, brake pads, etc.

I may have been better off buying a used Club Car and having my local dealership modify for the hunting property (9000 acres) that we hunt. I sincerely hope that the 4+ years of problems with this Polaris EV are in the past.


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Sure hope you got it fixed right now.
Thanks PC. Wishing you success as well.
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