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2011 Ranger 800XP Won't Start

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Went to use my Ranger today only to discover it will not start. The engine cranks over normal but there is no attempt at starting. It was running normal when I parked it a couple of days back.

I am sure that it could be many things but would like to ask you guys for a few more common failure points to start checking.


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Glad you didn't take offense at my humor! I am thinking maybe you have a wiring problem somewhere? If it fails to start again try the starting fluid trick without touching anything else. If that works then IMO that would point to a fuel delivery, bad fuel or perhaps bad spark plugs.
Hook up an auxiliary fuel soarce. If you don't have a spare electric fuel pump get one to supply new clean fuel from a can. A spare fuel pump hanging around is always handy to have anyway. I am just saying this off the cuff since I do not have a shop manual handy to reference anything about the stock fuel pump, I assume there is one in the tank and the fuel delivery can be simulated.
I only run no ethanol in mine since it sits for long periods sometimes while I am away at work. I learned my lesson a few years back with ethanol fuel in my boat, drove me crazy for a year until I emptied and flushed my tank.
1 - 4 of 24 Posts
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