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2011 Ranger 800XP Won't Start

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Went to use my Ranger today only to discover it will not start. The engine cranks over normal but there is no attempt at starting. It was running normal when I parked it a couple of days back.

I am sure that it could be many things but would like to ask you guys for a few more common failure points to start checking.


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Well,apparently its not over yet. I tried starting it this afternoon and it will not. Same as yesterday, it will crank over but no start. After it started yesterday, I drove it for a few minutes. It never skipped a beat. Any suggestions on where to begin?
Chris, I would check for stored EFI codes to begin with and take a look at the Crank Position Sensor and harness. Maybe unplug it and carefully check the wires in the harness for a burnt/melted condition and inside the plug as well...
I decided to check the machine this morning before leaving for work and once again it would crank over but not start. I will disconnect the CPS this evening and measure resistance. Service manual says it should have 560Ώ between yellow to white and .5Ώ between black to ground. Any other thoughts on the next step?
I would be curious to know ,if after one these cranking sessions, if the plugs are wet.While your down there checking, removing the CPS and and cleaning it would be a good idea. Gunk/filings etc can build up and block the signal.
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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