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2011 Ranger Crew Amazon Steering Part

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Trying to find a rack in pinion steering replacement for my unit. Repair shop wants ab $1100 ($720 part, $350+ labor), super atv doesn't have one that matches and partzilla on back order (also over $500). I found this unit on Amazon and I know it's not as bulky and probably made in China but for $120 may be worth a try? OEM # matches in description. Anyone have experience with these parts?
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I just ordered one for my 2013 800. Mine was shot. My type of riding doesnt require a heavy duty superatv rack for almost $400. Bout one for $104. Will be in Thursday

Thanks for the replies. The OEM part I need is 1823465 and super atv didn't have it. I found one for about $500 but I am very tempted to do the $100 Amazon part to save $400. I have several other repairs and already looking at close to $2k. I would love to get the rack boss for $350 but $500 plus labor is tough to stomach.
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$500.0 + labor to install a RACK BOSS is just plain criminal.. I get where you are coming from on the lesser expensive R&P though. I just always favor the HD over having to install multiple times..
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