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2012 400 wont start

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Hi guys! I posted only a few times here but I do read here alot.

I have a problem with my 2012 ranger 400 wont start after it gets cold, 20's. Only thing I have ever changed from stock is a uni air filter. How do I make my machine alittle more reliable to start in colder weather? Adjust carb to be alittle more rich? Once it starts it it wont idle until it warms up. I the brain child I am thought no big deal just turn up the idle. Well then when it warms up it is idleing way too fast.

All this points to me that the carb is slightly lean. But I am no mechanic. I know just enough to screw it all up and then ask for help. I decided to ask for thought first this time!

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Make sure you don't have water in your fuel tank.
You might check the valve clearance.
Has your 400 always been a hard starter? If this is fairly recent, depending on the quality of the fuel you burn and the conditions you ride in, you may need a good carb service...if you are comfortable pulling a carburater apart and putting it back together have at it BUT, if you aren't the mechanical type, this may be a good time to see a mechanic for a through carb clean!
You may also try pulling the plug to check it's condition, "reading" the plug can tell you a lot about what going on with your fuel mix! Again, if this all sounds foreign to you, a mechanic might be a good idea!

Another thing to consider is the choke..make sure its traveling its full ability. imma have to look up the carb model rangers, thats something ive never done...wander what the carb is like inside...

EDIT: ok its a CV carb. usually pretty reliable carbs. Sounds to me like you need to tear it off, clean it and put back together..BUT...when its off, rip out the plug for Air/Fuel screw.. Then get ahold of an extended fuel screw for future adjustments if needed. i had a dualsport bike (and many other types of bikes/machines) with that style carb. Decent carbs but can be picky!! Once i adjusted my Air-Fuel ratio it was easy to start. Same applied on my harley as well.
I'm not a total wrench head but I rebuilt/cleaned several carbs. Kind of embareassed that I forgot about looking at the plug. I really appreciate all your replys. I can make it start til it warms up and pull the carb. Much appreciated!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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