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Yes make sure it is not clogged up. And on the throttle body intake boot look to see if it is cracked/busted anywhere
Replaced both injectors today and it still won't run. I have got it to start at times and roughly idle but as soon as I try to give it gas, it dies.
Tried again to make it run by spraying gas into the intake and it will run strong doing this, So this should rule out timing and fire.
Looked at intake boot and did not see anything wrong with it.
Could it be the TPS even though I have no codes?
Check engine light is off. Engine spins at 400 rpm while I am cranking on it. Most times it won't start. If it does, it will only idle. I give it gas it dies.

Did you spray carburetor cleaner around the intake boot when it was running and check the frame where the vent line goes into because the line may not be stopped up but the frame tube may be.
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