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2012 800 xp front differential

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Busted front diff in my 2012 xp I have found a front diff out of a 2010 that i could possibly use ,they look the same but different part numbers . Does anybody know if these differentials will interchange
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That's what I was thinkin, that the different part numbers were from the upgrade from the plastic sprague to the aluminum one. If that's the only difference I would just upgrade the sprague in the 2010 diff. I pulled my front diff apart , the sprague carrier, armature plate are trashed an the side cover has the copper wires showing from wear. ring, pinion, two pieces wer the axles slide in an the big side of the housing are about all I can salvage
Yea it looks like it should bolt right up. I just hate to get it an it be a different gear ratio or something , maybe it's just the plastic sprague carrier
I went ahead an ordered it I'm going to try it out an I'll let y'all knw wat I find
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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