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So I found out that the axles on a 2012 are longer as far as the shaft that goes into the hub, than the 2014 models.
I broke an axle, cracked my front diff and my neighbor gave me an axle from his 2012 model ranger.
Now i know why I needed a rear wheel spacer on my last 2012 ranger and not on my 2014, to make the wheels even to the front with after market wheels.
I have a Backwoods armor arched a-arm 2/3 lift from a 2012 on my 2014 now and have had it on there since new.
I'm wondering if the broken axle and cracked diff has something to do with the lift being for a 2012 model?

I know having those tires on there don't help but was wondering if that contributed to it?


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