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2013 800 LE Ranger idle issue

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When driving my ranger when I let off the gas to stop the idle will stay anywhere from 1500 - 1800 rpm's but once I tap on the gas peddle it will return to 1250 rpms. It also only does it after it has heated up, when I first start it and am driving it does not do it, rpm's will always drop to normal ranges when I let off the gas until the machine warms up to levels the fan kicks on and then most of the time I let off the gas rpm's stay up. Once I tap on the gas peddle they drop back down every time. I lubed the throttle cable but that did not help. Any ideas?
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Probably electrical related. But just to be sure....take the time to spray some carb or brake cleaner around the intake boot and listen for any rpm change. They get old brittle and crack with age. You may have a leak.
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And if that doesn't fix it, take a hard look at the IAC harness for chafing or cracking . Idle Air Control Motor Wiring Repair Harness

Some symptoms of a bad Idle air control motor wiring harness are engine will not stay idling, idle will be too high or to low. Engine will die when letting off the gas.

This harness fits All 500cc, 550cc, 570cc, and 850cc - 1000cc machines as well as some 800cc and up Rangers.

Please do a visual comparison to make sure you are ordering the correct part.

*Note: This harness has 6 wires. Some machines only have 4 wires from the factory. This harness will fit both 4 and 6 wire machines.
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Do what jungleman said, but look at all 3 harnesses's the IAC, TPS, and Tbap. I currently have one doing this in the shop and the TPS had a broken wire and wires in the other two harnesse's were worn thru as well.
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Thank you everyone. Weekend was crazy busy so didn't have time to check but will be checking all of these tonight when I get home from work.
Thank you for your help everyone. Checked last night and the IAC harness had a few spots of chafing on the wire. Ordered a new one and will replace when it comes in.
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