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I'm a newbie on this site, but I really need some help. I know this question has been asked, but I have found so many different fixes that I am starting to get lost. I have a polaris ranger that has been running perfect. I took it out the other day, and I heard a pop through the exhaust and it immediately went to almost no power. It wouldn't get over 5 or 6 miles per hour. A buddy of mine riding with us said his did the same thing, and it wound up being the air filter. He said his was spotless, but he put a new one in and it went back to running great. So I got home and started by looking at the K&N air filter. It looked fine, but I went ahead cleaned it out. This filter has been in there for over a year, so I just can't see that being the problem. So I took it out to test it and that made no difference. I decided to check the plugs and realized that they were fouled. It's a dry black. Thinking this was going to be an easy fix, I went and bought some new Iridium plugs and stuck them in. It ran perfect for about an hour and it went back to the same thing. I got it back home and pulled the plugs and they were fouled again. I cleaned them, but went ahead and put my stock exhaust back on thinking it could be causing it to run rich. So at this point the only thing not stock on it is the air filter and plugs. I went ahead and checked the injectors and they were good. I pulled some fuel out also and made sure no water was in it, but it looked good also. (And I run ethanol free fuel) I took it back out and it ran good for about 20 mins and it went back to popping and running rich. It is running very rich and has almost no power. I pulled the plugs again, and the one on the passenger side is definitely worse than the one on the drivers side. I started thinking coil packs, so I checked the firing and they are sparking very good. The spark will jump to the block 1-2" away. I did clean the plugs one more time, and let it run while misting a little carb cleaner through the TB. I took it out again and rode it, and after about 5 minutes it started surging like it wanted to go but wouldn't. From what I've been reading, it could also be the TPS. I was looking for it, but I have no clue where it's at. I've looked for images online but I see nothing similar. I'm guessing they changed something on the 2013's b/c there is a cluster of wires running to a sealed black cover on the side of the TB. I'm assuming it's in there, but don't want to break the seal guessing at what's in there. I am also curious about the sensor at the gas pedal. I did go through one spot that could of possibly gotten that wet. I would think that it would be water tight though. Could this sensor cause it to run rich? Maybe the computer is thinking that I am WOT and dumping the fuel in? In summary my issue is popping through exhaust, running bad rich, and fouling plugs. I've replaced the plugs with Iridium plugs, checked and cleaned the injectors, changed back to stock exhaust, cleaned the filter, checked the gas, misted carb cleaner in the TB a few times while it was running, and checked the firing on the coil packs. Only thing that I think that could be left is the TPS and the sensor at the pedal. Please let me know anything I can try. I know it has got to be something simple with the way it runs great then goes to pot after about an hour with new plugs. Thanks in advance for your help.
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