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Hello and thank you for any input you may be able to give. I’ve got a 2013 RZR170 that I had bought for my now older kids quite a few years ago. At one point it was snorkeled because we did a lot of mud riding and of course it needed it and when snorkels it I Also went through and swapped out the Jets accordingly due to the altitude above sea level which in East Texas/Louisiana is very close to sea level and also for the extended runners on the intake which caused a momentary lag whenever you gave it full throttle.
The bike has been parked for a few years and I’m looking to do some upgrades to it for our six-year-old. First thing I was looking at was potentially swapping out the carburetor as I have read over the years and seen that the stock ones are somewhat garbage and not tuned worth a dang from the factory. I was looking at possibly going with either a 22 mm or a 26 mm depending on y’alls input and first hand experience. I’ve already got the upgraded fuel pump on the way, Mikuni Aftermarket 14 Liter/hour Unit.
The second thing I was looking at doing was going with a BBK to add some extra power to the bike sense every now and then I’ll jump in there with one of the kids, or used to, and plus it would make it fun with the extra little boost of power. Doing the work is no issue, but I was curious on everyones thoughts or experiences with a BBK as well as things to take into consideration such as jet size etc. For those of y’all who have done it, what jet sizes would y’all recommend based off of either the stock or aftermarket throttlebody? The next item after that was an upgraded stater to allow for better charging of the battery and lights I intend to swap out from the factory and the small light bar that’s on there. In the past I never had an issue with the small light bar because we didn’t use it unless the bike was running, However if I am going to do the work on the motor I was curious as to anyone’s input and what size and brand stater y’all would recommend? Also how in depth or complex is that stater Swap?
Lastly I wanted to focus on the Clutches as well as belt and or possibly just a spring swap for better and or increased engagement like we did on our Maverick and other bikes. Any input on this to include possibly swapping out the sprocket?
Any input on this to include possibly swapping out the sprocket?
The bike is no longer being used for Mud Riding and will be used for either the neighborhood or if we take it to our land and let the kids go ride out there through the pasture and fields etc.
Sorry for the long post, just wanted to make sure I threw everything out there. Thank you again for any input.
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