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2014 midsize 570-sway bar disconnect or not-what say yee

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2014 midsize 570, fortress steel roof,front safety glass, and rear sliding glass.stereo on roof,and 35 lbs seat in back. just did the 2in pvc spring preload spacers.i have a lot of weight on this rig. do a lot of off camber trail riding here. disconnect sway bar, will it help me in off camber situations
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I'd say don't do it. When I removed mine I got ALOT of body roll and with your extra weight and off camber riding, I'd suggest leaving it in.
It will help in off camber situations but you got a lot of weight, and raised at that! That's going to raise your center of gravity. Will be curious to see what others say - maybe a case for Expat's rear limit straps?????
With the added weight I wouldn't do it. I removed mine and also have spring spacers, I don't have any added weight, body roll was very noticeable at higher speeds. After I added 1 1/2" wheel spacers it's not as bad.

Now if you're referring to off camber as going thru washouts, draws etc. At an angle or over rocks vs off camber hillsides then I would say it may be a benefit because you will have more flex in the suspension therfore more 4 wheel contact with the ground.

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