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2014 Ranger 400 question

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I'm looking a a 14 Ranger 400 with a full cab, 120 hrs on it , new KFI winch and a 72" Meyer Path Pro plow. The guy is asking $9K for it.
Is it worth that and is it enough to plow my driveway for the house (about 40yds) and 100yd gravel driveway? both are pretty much level.
I've never owned a Ranger and gonna pull the plug on one, but the new ones are very expensive

Thanks in advance,
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Tough call because a NEW bare bones 570 Ranger around me is about 9k OTD....but once you start adding those accessories the price jumps thru the roof!!!! You'd have to spend about 3k-4k if you were to buy all those accessories new, assuming its a Hard Cab and not an el-cheapo soft cab.

If it's a full cab and given the accessories that would be a pretty fair price, at least around my area anyways. It will be enough to plow your driveway, you will loose traction long before you come up short on power. That 400 is actually a 455 Fuji engine, damn good little engine and should give you years of good service. Remember to use low range when plowing!!!
I have a 2014 Ranger and paid 8,099.00 (plus tax) up here in Ontario Canada and I plow my drive and my in-laws so I have about 150 yards plus a turn around and have yet to struggle plowing its amazing how much snow a utv or atv will push. If its a full cab with doors etc and not just canvas thats about a 4500.00 option up here and 120 hours is nothing, and like Fuse said the 400 is a 455 and great mill keep it maintained and last forever (set valves every 200 hours).
^There ya go OP^

You'd be hard pressed to find somebody say something bad about the 400/500 HO engines. They were actually an "industrial"subaru engine (factory oil filter says Subaru on them even) so the durability is unsurpassed IMO. Better than the jap engines.

People may bash that it's Carb'd, but IMO that's a good thing...Simple and Reliable. If you don't mind pulling a choke knob (BIG deal to some folks LOL) that thing should be an easy starter/runner for ya, even when the mercury plummets. Good Luck !!!!
The price seems good to me and a great match for you needs. The actual hours would not be concern to me, but I would look the unit over closely and determine how easy or tough those 120 hours were applied :****sure:
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