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2014 Ranger 800 EFI fluid change.

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Hey everyone! I'm new to the forum and a semi new ranger owner. Im getting ready to change all fluids and was wondering if anyone new the cross references for the Polaris fluids so I could go to the parts store and get it and save a little cash. Thanks for the help!
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Trans/ rear diff you can run John Deere rated Hydraulic oil, the front diff needs strait 30 weight oil. 1 quart of Dexron ATF works just perfect for that. Motor oil is where people make a mistake. Do not run a generic mobil or other automotive oil in your engine. I personally run Amsoil powersports 0w-40 and their wix filter and each oil change costs me near $24. I would say go this route or run the polaris motor oil. There is no reason to run the $12 polaris filter. I've been running thousands of hours without the polaris filter (on 3 machines) and actually am having less engine problems now then I was before.

If your machine is under warranty, you may want to consider running their oils. You don't want to give a dealer a reason to deny your claim.
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