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2014 Ranger 900 Crew Capabilities

New to the forum. Currently own a 2014 900 Crew. The only mods are factory top and glass windshield. It is a base model with steel wheels.

My uses range from farm and ranch, bbq cook off support, to mild off road use. My question is "what are the off road capabilities" or what level of trail use? I am planing on going to Hidden Falls off road park and wander about its capabilities. Not sure how to quantify this answer. Is it capable of Mild, moderate or extreme trails? Would it be equivalent to my Jeep JK with 35's and a small lift or would it out perform it.

Looking at some mild mods to improve its off road performance. Likely just a small 2.5 lift look for effective changes not "bling" (nothing wrong with Bling :)

The bottom line is; I don't want to spend a lot of money trying to make the 900 crew into something its not.

Thanks in advance...
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