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2014 Polaris Ranger 900 Crew idles rough ETC.
Bike is very well taken care of. It's not a mud toy. When you start it the idle RPMS vary from 1200 to 1600 and it idles erratically all over the place. Sometimes it will die. One thing i also noticed was that it will spit and sputter when running (driving it).

I checked plugs (they were gapped correctly and we're same color). Pulled all wire plugs loose, no water or anything that looks obvious. Also took air filter out, was clean. I did notice a minute amount of a oily substance in the upper air filter compartment. Took the rubber elbow from filter compartment to butterfly loose and it has a small minute trail of clear oil in it as well???? Any thoughts or ideas on the oily substance?

Any thoughts about the rough idle and spit / sputter when driving. This is intermittent also. Sometimes it drives and idles perect but most of the time it's bad. When its bad it still is driveable but it's also noticeable.

Thanks for any info or help....
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