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2015 570 crew midsize soft top

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Anyone know of a manufacture that makes a soft top for the 2015 midsize crew? I found an outfit called classic accessories that might have it available in April.

Hatachie Bottom has gone out of business. They canceled my order. Bestop isn't marketing UTV tops. They say they've handed that off to polaris.

Any other manufactures anyone knows of with good quality soft tops?
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What components make up the soft top, doors, etc.? I do believe there will be a number of quality places more forward with options for this unit (I certainly hope so) :sneakiness:
I'm looking for a Bimini style canvas top. Would be really nice if it had removable or roll up side panels for those cooler morning long drives. Not looking for canvas doors with any real structure/frame. Just something that will keep the weather off while playing and the dust out while not being used. There are several out there for the prior year models with roll up front and rear windows. Companies like GCL UTV and Ride Dry. I have contacted them but couldn't get any clear answer on when or if they have a timeline on the 2015 models.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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