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2015 900 ranger engine issues.

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I noticed before one ride I was down almost a quart of oil.I saw no leaks and filled it.I went for a couple rides over the next few months and I checked the oil and it was down almost another quart.
I ran it by the dealer and he said it had to be leaking or if driven in dusty conditions then maybe the rings were worn due to dusty air getting by the air filter.
On the pto side I had a intake boot leaking as detected by spraying brake clean around that area.
I did notice below the boot on the Mag was wet prior to doing any test with the break cleaner but it did not seam to leak or try to shut off when applying the brake cleaner the way the pto side would shut off when the cleaner was applied.

I did a compression test and had 180 on the pto side dry and 210 wet.
" " 165 on the mag side dry and 180 wet.
I did a leak down test and had 25 % loss on pto side.
" " 65 % loss on the mag side.
I could hear most of the leakage out the filler cap and dipstick hole .I repeated the leak down test on the bench once I removed the motor. The leak down results were similar and I could hear some leakage out the intake valves and if I put some brake cleaner in on top of the valves from the intake I could see it bubbling from the air being applied to the tester/ cylinder .Leak downs were done at TDC.
I know for sure it was leaking around one boot but ironically that side has the best numbers.I could not see any bubbles in the rad when i did the tests in while the motor was in the bike nor hear any air coming from the water fitting on the block or coming out the water hose nipple on the water pump when I repeated the leakdown test on the bench.
I have an idea whet is going on but wanted to see what you folks had to say about my numbers.
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That seems like some pretty good news, except the liar part.
That will be up to the customer and see if he wants to pay 700 for Polaris pistons and rings.
Remember, Polaris OEM complete piston kits are $189.99 so your customer would be looking at $380 instead of $700. Get them from Partzilla and the shipping will be free..
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Well a quick update. They sent me replacement parts and you should see this crap. Plus i found out that they use refurbished cylinders and cases. I thought that the cly. they sent was a new Polaris cylinder,but it was refurbished. Which according to Polaris,you cant do. And they have those cases relinebored and that sure isnt right cause they do them like a rod and reline the hole and redrill then take material off the top which happens to be the inside lip of the cases,and it drops the cylinder and head. But anyway, rev6 isnt in the business to sale good parts,they are in the business to rip people off. I went to a Polaris shop in a different town and while i was therei asked if they ever dealt with rev6 and the guy said man,you just messed up my day. He said he had brought four of there rebuilt motors and they all were pieces of junk, all of them broke within a week,so id better be glad that i didn't buy one from them. Anyway the new cylinder head was a Chinese piece of shit and the cylinder walls were twice as thick on one side as the other and the bores were not centered,so much so that one of the valves would have hit the cylinder wall. So i called them the next day and the guy aron said they use them all the time and build 60 motors a week and never had a problem. I told him that he was a lier this time and i wasnt going to use that crap,and that it is not possible to build a good motor with the crap they sale and i was going to send everything that i had purchased from them and i wanted a full refund. We argued and he finally said he would get my refund except for a ten percent restock fee. I told him he was getting back everything new and even the used stuff but whatever,it would be worth it to me,so that i wouldn't have to mess with there refurbished crap that is not within spec,and not even close to being. They advertise as new cylinder and cases, but they are definitely not. That second cylinder was probably new,but was junk,and the cases were refurbished and is junk. The only thing they sold me that wasn't junk was the rods and crank which came from hotrods. But they have either refurbished stuff or Chinese stuff. He said he would refund my money when i sent him the tracking number and of course he didn't. The jj guy that called me a lier is the owner according to a girl there,and he was out,and a Aaron guy is next in line i guess, but this company is only there to get ur money and they don't care if they sale junk.My customer is married to an attorney and his wife is from cali, and they still have a house there that they go to all the time,so she said it wouldn't be a problem to stop in utah and something about her being licensed in cali,that she wouldn't have to hire a different attorney to represent. And we have been building a case every since they started sending wrong stuff. But if they refund my money then there wont be a need to, because i can still buy everything from this other Polaris shop that dont mark up everything shy high. So we are going to see what they are going to do here soon. But i can guarantee that they wont be able to help themselves and try to screw me somemore and if they do,im going to turn her loose on em. They think they are hurting me by holding my money,but i had made a deal with this customer at the beginning of the build,since we didn't order from the Polaris shop and ordered on line,that i would charge by the hour for labor only,and they covered all the expenses and costs. And they have at every step, they have wrote me a check before every order and i haven't been out anything, and they are going to pay me again to rebuild it and was behind me in the decision to not use that crap rev6 sent me and to just order oem parts. Which i would have done if my local shop didnt mark everything up almost 100 percent. But this other shop,just uses Polaris's Price guide and so ill order through them. But this has been a nightmare and ill never use anything other than oem parts again. Ill know this week if im sueing or not, but they got it coming from someone else anyway. They know exactly what they are doing when parts are that far off and even Polaris says you cant bore or hone those cylinders. And he said they didn't buy new Polaris cylinders when i told him they sent me one the first time, so they are using some refurbished cylinders and all refurbished cases. It says they stand behind their refurbished stuff,but when i clicked on the description below the kit,it said new cylinder and cases. And i thought i had gotten new stuff the first time,but didn't,and this time they didn't care what they sent me. So put out the word about this place and if anyone has brought one of their motors and got screwed,then get ahold of me, cause i got someone that can help. Cause they don't need to be blatantly selling stuff that is going to tear up because of the quality.
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Here's a pic of the cylinder they sent me.


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My head hurt reading that.

But as I posted earlier... I haven't heard a lot of great things posted about rev6.

Sorry you had to find out the hard way.
This is a perfect example of you get what you pay for. This rebuild cost more than it would have if OEM parts had been used in the first place.
Don't misunderstand me, I'm all about a good deal and I'll use things other than OEM on my vehicles, but when it comes to expensive items I go with the best I can buy. There may be Polaris parts out there that are as good or better than OEM made by reputable companies with a long history of producing quality. A company like Wiseco, for example has been around with a good reputation for decades.Unfortunately, when I looked they didn't have pistons for the Polaris 900 listed on their web site. They may have them but it may take a phone call to find out.
Anyway, I'm glad you got at least part of your money back and posted your experience. I won't be buying anything Rev 6 after hearing about this.
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Yeah, i checked with wiesco for pistons and they didn't make them for this model 900. And i thought i was getting new oem cylinder and cases from rev6 since thats what they showed. But i haven't received any of my money yet, so i shall see in the next few days. But if my local dealership would have quoted me reasonable prices, i would have. But they wanted over 2200 for a cylinder and pistons and rings and head gaskets. Thats why i thought that going oem was just not going to be possible. Even after rev6 sent me replacement parts i went back to the Polaris shop and they wanted 800 bucks for two pistons and rings. So i thought that Polaris parts were just that high. Then i went to a different Polaris shop and found out that i could order the two piston kits with rings for 400. So thats what i did, because I wasn't going to reuse rev6 pistons again. And then they sent me that junk and so im sending it all back and ill order through that other Polaris shop. But definitely a learning experience. They just lied and mislead me on what i was buying and i want people to know.
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