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2015 Midsize factory dust blocker?

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While checking out the new 2015 midsize rangers I noticed they now come with a molded plastic dust block installed. I really like the looks of it and it seems as though it would be a good place to store a few extra things as well. Made me wonder if these would fit on my 2014? Any body noticed these?
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You're talking about the under seat storage, correct? If so there was a previous thread about it on the 2015 models and one of the last comments was that it wouldn't work on 2014's. Maybe there is a way to adapt it though.
I thought the storage bins under the seat of the mid-size crew 570 was part of the package on the 2014 and 2015s?
I am not referring to the under seat storage what I am referring to is the plastic molded piece that is between the backrest and the seat. It seals the cabin from the engine/bed area and is deep enough that you could store a few items in it as well. Sure wish my 2014 had it.
Does anyone know the part number for this? Seems worth trying, can't find it on any online parts fiche.
I checked out some online fiche and it looks to be this part.

Part Number Part Description

You can see pictures of this part in the current thread called "Snorkeling 2015 570 midsize...". It is the part that he cut a hole into for the snorkel to go through.
The more I look at this part the less I think it will work without some modifying.... wonder what it costs and if it is worth risking the money to try it?
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