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2015 Polaris Ranger 570 Midsize Crew with EPS and more!

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New 2015 Polaris Ranger 570 Crew Midsize


Only 7.2 miles and 1.2 hours

Factory Warranty

Accessories include:

.....Electronic Power Steering (EPS)

.....Sport Hard Top

.....Vented Windshield

.....Dust Stopper Rear Window

.....Rear View Mirror

.....Mesh Doors (not shown in photos)

If you buy this same unit, with the same accessories, from a Polaris Dealer, you will pay around $15,750.00 "Out-the-Door", after freight, set-up, document fees, title work and sales tax. Even a "used" unit from the Dealer will require you to pay the fees, title work and sales tax.

You can buy my Ranger 570 for $12,500.00. NO Fees and NO Sales Tax! That's a savings of approximately $2,700.00!

My wife and I were planning a move to East Texas to be closer to our grand kids. We were in the process of purchasing around 30 acres of land with timber, when we decided it would be best for us to stay in Lubbock a while longer, since we both have elderly parents, who are in need of our care. I jumped the gun a little and bought the Ranger to use on the land (got the cart before the horse). It's just over a month old and has only been driven around our neighborhood a few times.

I'm located in Lubbock, Texas and would be willing to deliver it up to 300 miles(with a deposit).

Clear title in hand



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Congrats, that is a nice looking ride!
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