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2015 ranger 570 crew loud exhaust

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Hey yall,
The more I drive the new machine, the more annoyed I am getting with how loud this thing is. Even at 10 mph the Rpms are so high the thing is loud. Is there any remedies to quiet it inside the cab as well as reduce decibels for hunting etc? I was hoping for a slip on and possibly adding that sound matting under the seat seats or something. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
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So is my best option just to build my own exhaust? I don't have a problem welding something up but seems like their would be a better option that a vehicle muffler
I wouldn't think mine would be doing that I only have 14 hrs on the machine
I too have a roof and full windshield. About 75 miles and 15 hrs on it now and it hasn't gotten better. I'm thinking a rear windshield and possibly using that sound mat stuff they use in cars to help quiet it down. I barely give it gas and it's like your mashing the throttle, and when you do get on it its dang loud
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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