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2015 Ranger XP 900 tire & wheel combo

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I just purchased a 2015 Ranger XP 900 base model. I know these questions have been asked numerous times but the more research I do the more confused I get....
I had decided to do a 14" msa m12 wheel & the 28" mega mayhem tire but then I was told by several people they were a rough/choppy a certain speed tire. I ride too much hardpack to have a rough tire. Then I was told that 28s look small on this Ranger & after looking at pics they're right! I do NOT want to lift my Ranger but I am planning on doing the super atv forward arms. I would like to run a 30" tire on 14" wheels, is this possible without a lift & just forward arms? I could live with minor rubbing. I like the radial outlaw tire but they're out of my budget, so now I'm looking hard at the Interco Interforce.... Now I'm thinking the 14" msa m12s with 30" interforce tires, also I see some run the same size tire/wheel on all 4 & others do narrower fronts. Which way should I go??? Any help is greatly appreciated!!!
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Thanks for the quick responses! Will I need wheel spacers to run the same size all the way around?
Great looking Ranger! To change the topic, what roof & windshield is that? I'm looking at Polaris pro fit accessories...
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