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2018 Diesel Top End Speed

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Just purchased a 2018 Diesel Crew completely stock. Is there any options out there for clutch kits or gear kits to change the top end speed? Willing to sacrifice some low end power to increase top end speed.
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Hunterworks is a great source of clutch info on what your asking. Not sure on Polaris but i bought a clutch kit with blue spring from Todd for my 660 rhino that gave me an increase of 10 mph top speed and lost no bottom end. Best source for most clutch and performance questions. Been around for a long time.
Is what it is. Enjoy it or sell it.
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Mine is a yanmar and top speed is around 30 to 35. Not sure what the kohler is but assume it’s around the same. They have speed kits but really it only gives you a few mph from what I’ve read….about same as adding a little taller tire I imagine.

the diesels are for low end torque and power so speed isn’t what they’re setup for.
Fwiw, my neighbor drove his Kubota diesel RTV down the road the other day. Man, it's slow. If you want fast, trade the diesel. That being said, my tractor is slow, and that's fine for what it does.

Personally, I've got a basic UTV that's quick for what it is. It's a 570 midsize that can literally go as fast I'd want on my gravel roads and maybe half or a third the cost of my neighbor's Kubota diesel RTV. I'm sure he can do some things mine can't. But, he can't do anything as fast as my relatively inexpensive 570 midsize.
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