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I bought a machine last year. I added a cab and found that the roof and windshield didn’t work with new doors. So, 20201018_221152424_iOS.jpg 20201105_024726267_iOS.jpg BBF5EE39-9BF2-4ACA-AAEB-AF4E07A26345.png 42A63357-16CA-4525-86A7-01EEC6775CE4.png 79C8967D-24A9-4196-887C-A58470C48413.png 4E9A64CC-E4F8-45E1-9AE1-8AFD427CD306.jpeg I bought new parts. It’s taken me a year, but it has lots of upgrades.

I’d like to get old parts out of my garage. Make me an offer for all.


$200.00. Roof, vented Kolpin front windshield. Work great together-just not with Polaris cab/doors. Have all install hardware. I like the vented windshield better than my new glass one. But, it didn’t work with roof and doors. This combo is awesome for someone without Polaris doors.


$450.00. OEM tires/rims (quantity 4). Comes with lug nuts. Full tread left. only had 234 miles on them.




$25.00. Cabellas 60” snow plow and frame. original owner installed it. has mount plate and all hardware. Bar is bent but all still works. I upgraded to a wider Polaris 72” poly plow with hydro-turn so I can operate it from the cab.


$0.00. OEM side nets.
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