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2018 Ranger XP900 Check Engine Light

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I have a 2018 Ranger Crew XP900 I have only owed a few months. I bought it used. It has 1453 miles and 131 hours on it. As soon as I got it I changed the air filter and all the fluids then the carrier bearing went out so I replaced it and 2 u-joints that were rough and at the end of their lifespan. The first test ride after the carrier bearing the Ranger died on me shortly after pulling out of my shop at low speed. I started it back up and drove it around. It died one more time but started back up then the check engine light came on. It seemed to not be idling normal. The codes it was throwing at that time were 1520344 with a small 17 below it and 03056 with a little 4 below it. I read for days online about people with Rangers and Rzrs having the code 152034417 and what to test or try. Many said it was contributed to a bad fuel pump or low fuel pressure. I have checked the fuel pressure at the fuel rail and get a little over 50 PSI. I have tried to inspect the intake boots for cracks and found none. I have looked over all the wiring I can find for bare spots or rubs and found none. I then read that 030564 code was low voltage on the O2 sensor. Yesterday I replaced the O2 sensor with a new one. I then unplugged the battery and let it set overnight hoping to clear the codes. Started it this morning and still have a check engine light. The 030564 code is now gone and the other code has changed from having a 1 in front to a 0 in front. The code I am getting now is 0520344 with a small 17 below it. I have driven it for 15-20 minutes and it seems to run normal. I called the dealership and they can not get it in for 2 weeks to even look at it. Any advice on what I can check or test next?

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Can't find that code. But fuel pressure is supposed to be 58psi. May be part of your problem if other sources point that way.
I think to be exact it was around 54-55 on my gauge.
forget the number in front the code you wanna look up is 520344 17. From what I can tell im not at work so i dont have access to the manuals. The codes means it has maxed out its closed loop adjustedment. Ill double check on tuesday when i get to work and log online to polaris. It is sounding like you have a fuel problem. From the research i have been reading on this code for the last hour. The 2 things that have fized this the most, is a fuel pump putting out the correct pressure, and replacing the oring for the fuel pump locking ring.
My polaris xp900 hot a code 0 520268 4 anyone can help me to locate the problem
tina..............SPN 520268 FMI 4,3,5. Some symptoms of a bad Idle air control motor wiring harness are engine will not stay idling, idle will be too high or to low. Engine ...

Here is where to get a new improved harness : Idle Air Control Motor Wiring Repair Harness
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