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Current additions MK6 roof, 3" HL bracket lift, HL forward arched a arms, xm310 33x9, 18" healy fast satv wheels. 1" HL wheel spacers, polaris full canvas doors, polaris heater system, lock and ride vented windshield, lock and ride rear glass panel.

Pros: Tons of power. Comes from the factory snorkeled, turn radius isn't as bad on this crew as previous models even with turn stops but the taller tire helps. Turf delete, lower geared High gear. Highlifter warrenty, comes with arched rear a arms. Comes with rear bumper and front bumper with 4500lbs winch. True reverse gear not a chain. Comes with really nice half doors. Very few grease fitting 6 total. Very nice shocks

Cons: Front a arms are arched only not forward. Almost all sensors will trigger limp mode. Exhaust vent on snorkel will allow water in, depending on the situation(to be clear it has to be very deep) Still can be difficult when going in reverse when it gets broke in. Headlights still aren't LED! Be mindful of your lift its top heavy as is expected. Complete stop when locking in 4wd that could be the tires causing that.

Overall review. Its all about what you want to use it for. After 300 miles and knowing the setup I would have purchased an xp and put portals on its with Satv a arms and upgraded the shocks. I could have built the machine talller and keep all add ons but would have lost the half doors, front bumper, rear bumper, and winch. Of course I would add that soon after. Also the heater was a waste it just doesn't get cold enough In south Ga. With the full doors and good clothing its very comfortable.

Future plans are to add 2" spacers and remove sway bars for awhile later on remove spacers and brackets lift. Add 6 or 8" portals

More pictures will be added. Hope the review helps. I know ive posted stuff and here and there similar but here is a more current write up.


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