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2020 northstar tires.

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Hi all

I have now had both my stock rear tires (maxis) blow out on the sidewall.

I am looking for suggestions on new tires. I carry a lot of weight in my bike and a 12’ boat on top. Typically driving old logging roads in Quebec. Thinkkng about going to a 10 ply tire any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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I put Roctane X2 10 ply radials on my old 800. Seem to be pretty tough so far. Not the most aggressive tread but not having flats is more important to me. The OE Maxxis tires on my 2018 1000XP developed cracks between the lugs early on so I replaced them with 8 ply Maxxis Carnivores. They have held up well also.
Take-offs from RZR owners are a dime a dozen. We picked up a set of Carnivoires, on wheels, for $600... no miles on them. Pretty solid tires.
If you are mainly hardpack, check out the Tusk Terrabite Aramids.
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