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So back in March I became the proud owner of a brand new Certified Premium Ranger XP 1000 Texas Edition. I upgraded from a 2008 500 EFI 4X4, what a difference! I had my 500 since day one and while times were lean it went and did everything I ask of it, so part of me questioned my sanity, oh well.
Ok now for the questions, remember this is a whole new machine and drive train for me.
Is it normal for a 1000 to be hard to shift, especially into high? My old shifted smooth as a sow's ear..
Once in gear while idling at about 1250 RPM and slowly giving it gas the clutch doesn't engage till about 1725-1750 RPM and of course with too much gas it jerks.
Is it normal for it to make a rattling sound driving at low speed (less than 15MPH) for the unit kinda like a truck downshifting except at higher pitch.
I am still 7-8 hours away from my first oil change and I think all the above mentioned issues go straight back to the clutch of course. After reading lots of post seems gilomen is the way to go if how does that affect that warranty?

Do no misunderstand I love this machine but somebody should have told Polaris that if they were going to build a "TEXAS EDITION" BLACK IS THE WRONG COLOR at least in the summertime.
Thanks folks.
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