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2022 Northstar ultimate noise issues

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2022 North Star ultimate.3 seater in Camo. Ordered in 2021 new from a local dealer….deliver 3 days before Christmas for my wife. As her Christmas present and a total Suprise to her …….I was able to get it before Christmas was awesome to be able to do this for her……it’s been through break in period and I have some sound issues that been there from day one I have asked several people and can t get any answers from anyone or my dealer. She has 78 hours. very very light riding on a small 60 acre farm. Mostly woods flat land no rocks or logs. Trimmed trail around the perimeter. Motor runs strong but when I first put it into gear High or low and the machine moves forward it makes a slap noise that in my opinion sounds terrible. Not sure what it is. Video to follow. The cab on this machine is the squeakiest thing I have been in and she keeps asking me why if it’s new does is sound like this ? it’s very annoying when riding as you can hear it over trying to talk to each other. It’s sounds like the ceiling and or wind shield is slightly moving and causing it to creak when going over any change in surface. I have checked all bolts I can t see anything that’s loose or that has over tightened to the best of my ability????
The 3rd sound is when rocking the machine back and fourth motion side to side it makes a thud from the rear sway bar and when I finally pin pointed where the rear end was making noise I can shake the thing around with my hand and it’s doing it by just grabbing it by hand. There seems to be no adjustment. Wonder why is so sloppy ? And making noises.
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