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29.5x10x12 Swamplites on Polaris RZR Wheels

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I bought a set of 29.5x10x12 Swamplites that were already mounted on some Polaris ATV wheels. These wheels have a large offset and so these tires are now sticking outside the fenders a couple of inches and sling mud everywhere. I have a set of bighorns mounted on factory RZR 800 wheels that fit under the fender wells good and don't sling mud everywhere. My question is this. Since those rims aren't the same width, i believe the rear's are an inch or more wider. So if I were to mount these Swamplites on the Polaris RZR wheels, would they fit or look weird since the rims are different widths? First pictures are of the factory RZR wheels with factory bighorns. Rims are plasti-dipped. Last 2 pictures are of the 29.5 swamplites. What do you guys think I should do?

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