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30" roctanes

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anybody have pics of a ranger 900 crew with 30" roctanes
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All I have is a video, not sure how to post pics. Hope this helps? By the way these tires are AWESOME!

What a arms do u have?
They are the Super-atv a-arms, I had read some post that said they were cheap in quality but thats just not the case. They are way beefier than the stock arms and come with steering stops and ball joints. Buy them, if you can find them in stock any where?
pulled the trigger and im very satisfied Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire
Land vehicle Vehicle Tire Motor vehicle Automotive tire
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Looks good. I like my 30" Roctanes. Just wish they had them in a 12" wide for the rear.....but at least I can rotate them since all 4 are the same size.
My crew 900 looks good with the 30'' roctanes also, but I had to trim the front bumper. I think next its going to be a 2'' lift kit from Superatv. I've bee really impressed with the Superatv a-arms.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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