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Anyone tried these tires yet? Looking at them they look nice, little heavy tho. Been back and forth on whether or not to try the 30 mtc and about decided it wasn't worth the weight. I could do some 30" zillas (very light), 29.5 terms or 31 outlaws. But these 32 mtc look nasty with a 18 wheel, do they measure true? I have a 3" a arm lift from backwoods, could I clear them?

Only reason I'm leaning toward the mtc is for smoothness, I use my ranger on the farm everyday and don't won't to get beat up or wear things out quicker, but on the other hand I need something to perform in the deep mud we got in our hunting camp (stays wet almost year round and when not hunting we ride there). So would I be happy with mtc or even the zillas? Or should I get the outlaws or terms? I've had 29.5 laws before on an atv and they performed very well but rode a little rough. Ppl say terms ride smoother but are heaver than the 31 law and not as tall and doesn't perform as well from what I hear. And I don't want 30 law radials again, had them on my commander and there nice but wanting something else

So any help on those four tire choices

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