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3P Offroad in Houston

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I had an awesome experience recently at a shop I just heard about here. Josh, Travis and Ian over at 3P Offroad really took care of me. They totally get whats going on in this sport and it's a relief, because as Josh said, something along the lines of, people in the industry don't even pay attention to this sport, even at the Polaris dealerships. So great that there is a good local shop here that is innovating and trying new things and passion filled. Sorry to go overboard on the praise, but it is Christmas :). Thanks again 3P Offroad.

I broke both my axles in the mud when my BIL asked me to hunt at his place instead of mine. Nastiest mud and brush I've seen. Replaced the front the axles that broke with Turner's. Also got a new spring on my secondary clutch. While they were in there they noticed that the clowns at Cowboy Polaris in Beaumont left a piece of the original belt that they replaced, lodged in between the pulley on the secondary, which caused me to put burn spots in a brand new belt in 70 miles. They also tightened up the homemade snorkel I made which was really appreciated.
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Good to hear! I also have had bad experiences with cowboy in Beaumont.
It was good meeting you bud! I'm glad we could help you out and good luck with the hunt! Hopefully soon we can get out and slay some ducks!

Travis Herzing
3P Offroad
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