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500 lift kit.

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Be lurking here for a while and decided to join.
I have a question that I hope some of you all can give me an answer to.

I have a 12 ranger 500,to get a little more ground clearance I would like to add a 2 inch lift kit. My question will this cause problems with the axles "popping out" or is there enough travel in the factory suspension to allow for this.

a lot of the trails we ride here have some rocky places and my ranger tends to bottom out on occasion so My thinking is a lift kit,, and when there worn out a set of slightly bigger tires should help .

Other than inner fenders and 2 inch wheel spacers the under side of my ranger is stock.
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I have a 2.5" lift on my 570 and not fearful of pop out with that level of lift. I used the Marshall Motorart kit and satisfied and there are many to select from given your unit.
There's several threads here with great info about this. But to make it short, some members have issues with axles popping out some dont. I don't have that issue. If you wanna be safe in adding more ground clearance, get a set of forward a arms and then add bigger tires.
never had one come out an I ride hard as crap 2" lift an forward a arms
when I mean hard I've jumped a bunch, jumping it in rzr tracks an junk so been full droop a bunch
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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