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55 watt HID vs 12 inch Rigid combo

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Does anyone know how the light output of changing out factory ranger 900 lights with his 55 watt compare to the 12 inch rigid? I ask be I own the 12 inch rigid combo and know how much light it puts out and it is terrific. Not sure how much better or worse a hid build headlight system is. I wouldn't want to go backwards but if I could get similar light output to what I am seeing w the rigid, might just go the route of changing bulbs
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I suspect that the Rigid Industries LED light bar consumes fewer watts than the HID lights. Light output? I don't really know for sure, but my dual 6" single row Rigid Industries LED light bars put the OEM headlights to shame.
I highly doubt the hid's in the stock housing will even touch the light bar for short range illumination, however, I've never ran a light bar that short but I have ran hid's in the stock housing and I was far from impressed...
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