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56 hours, Belt #2, KABOOM!

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Well, the second belt didn't even last as long as the first. I got 35 hours out of the first one! I pried on the motor mount hard enough to stretch the rubber, and there was no separation, so I am thinking it must be my deflection. Anyone know how to adjust the deflection on the roller secondary clutch?
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I have my ranger in the shop with the same problem you are having, they are now asking if perhaps I rolled or jumped my ranger because the frame might be out of alingment. I can't roll it or jump it because I am far to busy changing belts in the first 50 hrs.
I have had many Polaris atv's and this is the first unit I am unhappy with ,I am about ready to trade it in as Polaris is making every attempt to avoid the problem we are having.
You have to take the shims out from between the sheaves if there is any and that is a pretty good shore.
Tim, how did they check your frame? I haven't done anything that should have tweaked mine, but I would like to check it. Maybe they come pre-tweaked from the factory?
I am not sure how they are going to check the frame. As soon as I get word from my dealer I will post it. I agree perhaps the frame comes tweaked from the factory as I have never ran this unit hard. The reason I purchased a Ranger is because I was hurt and I am now unable to ride anymore ATV's. I do not take this unit on any real severe rides. I just want to be able to get out into the wilderness,in fact this unit rarely sees 4 WHEEL drive mode
What province are you in ? As you can see from another thread,I'm having the same problem,less than 2hrs on the 2nd belt........Think I'm going to NAPA & purchase the mounts & drop them off to the dealer(where the 700xp is now)& have them install them .........This is getting a little ridiculous as now a fella can't trust the buggy anymore.........keep us posted.........[:)]
I live in British Columbia, I agree I can not trust my unit anymore and with the injury that I have it certainly does not make me feel warm and fuzzy! They are now telling me that the front motor mount broke and because I did not notice it I have now twisted the frame from the torque of the engine.The funny thing is that my dealer is the one who has done the service and the one that replaced the belt each time it broke. FUNNY THAT THEY DIDN'T NOTICE THE FRONT MOTOR MOUNT. I am so upset even if I trade it off I am going to loose a lot of money. I paid almost $20,000 and am getting no satisfaction from Polaris. I feel I have been taken to the cleaners.I could have bought a small GM, Ford or Dodge product for about the same price and I certainly would have a better warranty program. I am not very happy.
Those NAPA mounts are hard to find in my province.......not one store (30) has them in stock,my local store is working on it for me.........Spoke with another person who is close to polaris & they told me there have been issues with the 700xp mounts........hopefully they will have a bulletin come out, so in the meantime I will have more downtime with the xp, & just when the fishing is getting good........[:)]
Another good option for a motor mount would be a Hydraulics specialty shop. The mounts on some of the Hydraulic motors I have look a lot like the mounts on an XP and you should be able to match them up easy enough. The Ford Falcon motor mount was just the <u>first</u> that Chris (we) discovered. There must be lots more out there that would do as good or an even better job.
Well, got it back today. The service manager said that the alignment is correct, the motor mount is not broken. We spoke for a long time about the belt issue and he told me that I would probably be best off going with a different belt than the stock one, he also said that the #321118 belt is a snowmobile belt and that he has had mixed results with that belt. He said that it seems to work decent on machines that have the stock secondary, and not as good on machines with modified secondaries. He said they have an EPI belt that has Kevlar in it that is quite a bit stronger than the stock belt and that's the one he would recommend. He hadn't heard of the wide belt from Bikeman. He basically told me that I'm going to keep blowing up belts because I drive at full throttle/top speed for extended periods around town, especially with the added weight in th back from the seat and cage, and the extra drag from the windshield. What I got out this conversation is that in his opinion the stock belt is not strong enough to handle any extra strain beyond what a stock machine with two people in it would put out.
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That sounds like crap. I have driven many hours on stock belt with 4 passengers and 2 ice chest full of you know what in high gear putting around the deer lease. Driving in high at slow speeds is suppose to be a no no. So far i have not had a belt problem. But that is on an 06 700xp. Now i am having a cooling fan problem at this time which i have a post on. I hav'nt had much help.
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