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570 Full Size for Minnesota

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I've been wanting to get a 570 Full size Ranger. I'm trying to keep the cost down and want advice on what accessories are a must or definitely should be upgraded.

Primary uses:

snow removal
ice fishing
firewood hauling
pulling dock in and out
food plot

I will be hauling it to and from my cabin at hwy speeds on an open 6x12 trailer. Here's what I'm thinking for accessories:

1. steel roof (is poly ok?)
2. snow plow kit (includes 4500# winch with synthetic cable) --is steel blade better than poly?
3. glass windshield
4. poly rear window
5. canvas doors
6. heater/defrost kit
7. windshield wiper kit
8. 13" LED light bar

I'd especially appreciate opinions of guys from up North that run these in -20's etc. Will I regret the canvas doors/poly rear window for trailering?

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I made soft half doors for my 2010xp from a set of CJ7 soft doors. Trailered it at 70 plus with poly roof with no problems.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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