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570 sand dunes

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I am thinking about taking a family trip to little Sahara OK in March. I have a 2014 570 ranger and was wondering how they do in the sand? I am also thinking about putting 25 inch bearclaw htr tires on it. This will be my first time on big dunes and would appreciate hearing others experiences, stories, pictures, etc.
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Please make sure you don't get sand inside the engine compartment or your warranty will not cover you.
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I ran my 500 at Silver Lake sand dunes here in MI. My 500 has quite a bit less HP than you and it did good in general. It was no speed demon like the RZR's and it wouldn't climb the biggest hill out there, but it did pretty well. I aired my tires down to around 3 PSI (this may vary depending on what tires you have) and never got stuck.
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