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6x6 track wear report

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This was tranfered by me and originally posted by
<font color="red">Christian S. Hansen, Inventor 510-601-7550
The Tracks Company is a Manufacturer and Purveyor of tracks and wheel spacers for 6x6 and 4x4 Utility Vehicles and ATVs.</font id="red">

Today I had an opportunity to remove the tracks in order to check and monitor for signs of wear on the Ranger. The tracks have been on now for a bit over 100 hours and in use daily around my property. I kept them on even in the summer when they were otherwise unnecesssary simply for the purpose of collecting Ranger wear and component longevity data.
As of today I found absolutely no wear anywhere. Checked for movement in U-joints, middle transfer case gear mesh, middle axle carrier bearing, carrier bearing housing bushings, middle independent suspension bushings, and tire sidewalls and was relieved to find that thus far everything was still in "as new" condition.
I do this check every 25 hours and will continue to report back.
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