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8 inch backwoods lift on ranger crew

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So I bought a brand new Ranger Crew 900 and had the dealership order and install the Backwoods 8 inch lift. The craftsmanship of the actual lift was great! However the day I picked it up from the dealership both front boots were already split. Backwoods did send me warranty information for the Axles and they were covered. Put new ones in and the first time I took it out the steering broke while turning which then caused the axles to break on one side. Since I have been through 6 sets of axles and have welded the steering back 4 times. I think we have the steering welded good enough to hold up now so I decided to go with a different axle (cobra). The ones they mailed me were to short but they say that is supposed to be the correct size.

What I am looking for s the correct measurement for front axles for this lift. Cobra says 32 3/8. I tried calling backwoods and didn't receive a call back. Please help.

By the way, I think the Backwoods lift is great! I think they may need to include steering stops with there lift and it would have prevented all of this. Just a thought and lessoned learned.

I am running 29.5 outlaw 2.
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Sorry to hear about your troubles....but let's see some pics :)
pics of 900 crew with 8 inch backwoods lift

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Land vehicle Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tire
Pics of 900 crew with * inch backwoods lift
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Looks good...

Looks like you're running the custom 'ghost' axles up front :)
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Very nice!...sorry about your troubles though. Hopefully you can get it figured out.
After reading through some other post I am thinking maybe the axles are just not locking in with the clip ring. I will be recleaning front diff and trying some other clips as well.

I will keep it posted!

Thanks for the info
got to love those ghost axles they never break lol T&S
Sorry to hear about your troubles....but let's see some pics :)
Changed the clip ring an they stayed locked in..
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