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Well 1 of the DDM Tuning HIDs crapped out the other week & i decided to just go w/ LEDs. My 1st choice was the AK Offroad bulbs (nephew uses them in his Sportsman), but found them loose in the housing & broke off 1 of the tabs rotating the 1st bulb hoping that it would snug up. I ended up 'Gooping' it in place.

I ordered a pair of 880s from SuperBrightLED, but then remembered I'm using Beamtechs on my snowmobile, so I ordered a pair from them. The Beamtechs arrived 1st. Installed them & they are nice & snug in the housing.

I see the Beamtechs have 4 LEDs per side vs the 3 per side on the AK bulbs. I also noticed that the heat sink is smaller on the Beamtechs which may help those with Sportsman ATVs (we had to file down the heat sink to fit the Sportsman). Looking @ the bulbs after installation from the front & they were vertical, no 'clocking' necessary.

The SuperBright LEDs arrived & look identical to the AK bulbs (even the packaging) except for the branding.
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