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900 half door question

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I am getting ready to order a set of half doors for my 13 900. I have read everything I can find on here about them and it seems that it will be a choice between the Dragonfires or the Proarmors. My questions are to the persons who have one or the other of these. One is that I am a big guy, 6 ft. 3 and 350 lbs., will these doors cramp your legroom between the steering wheel and doors. Two is can you still run your backup mirrors on the sides with the doors, as it appears the latchs on both of them mount in this area. Three, do you have any pros or cons about your doors.
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I have the Dragonfires and I really like them. I have no idea how good the Pro Armors are. I am 6'2" and 220 lbs, and I fit as comfortably in mine as I did when I didn't have any doors. That having been said, I am a biscuit or two lighter than you are and not sure what effect those doors would have on you. I have a five seater crew - I sit in a bucket seat. Seems to me a bench seat would provide a little more lateral room to reduce cramping your leg area, but that's just a guess. I bought the Seizmik mirrors and they mounted just fine... As far as pros or cons: I really like the slam/latch on the Dragonfires. Cons, none per-se - but they are suicide doors, opening from the front and that took a little getting used to, but I can't really really call that a con. Just different since the ITP doors on my 2010 800 XP/LE open like a regular car door. Overall, I am very satisfied with the fit and finish and would buy the Dragonfires again.
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Thanks Bill, that helps, I have the Seizmik mirrors too and didn't want to have to give them up.
I have dragonfire 1/2 doors. Plenty of leg room. Have side mirrors, no problem. Like the doors. They do not seal on the bottom and sides. About a half to 3/4 inch gap. Does let the dust in. But, better than no doors.
I agree with Nate on the gap and the dust. Their primary purpose is to keep body parts in and stray debris out. I don't know of any brand half-doors that completely seal the gap.

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I've read in several different post about the DF Doors allowing in dust. Could those of you with the doors use some weatherstripping to help seal like from here Carrand 01058 - Weather Strip | O'Reilly Auto Parts I see the frame of the DF doors is round tube but the seal may still work. I used it on the doors I made and it seal quite well. My doors were from with square tube though so the surface was a flat one.
TO Bud, Thanks for the info but I doubt the 11/16" rubber will seal the gap on the round tubing - won't conform enough. My biggest problem is airflow on my crew. Once I add some ground clearance, mud blockers, and skid plates, and a back panel, much of that airflow will be redirected and stop sucking a lot of the dust in with it.

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I just got my df doors put on last night. I found some of this rubber seal and going to give it a shot. It's about 2 1/4" wide and pretty flexible. Just going to sandwich it in between the door skin and the tube on the door. Pretty sure it will do the trick.
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Thanks guys, I am not real concerned about dust, mainly limbs and briars sliding down the fenders and then slapping and grabbing you. Where is the best place to order them from? The cheapest prices seem to be on ebay but little leery about ordering from somewhere that have never heard of in case there is a problem with the doors.
I just called a couple polaris dealers Close by a lot of them sell dragon fire products.
Awesome. Would you post some pics afterward. I'd be interested in knowing how that works for you and what it looks like installed. BTW When I bought mine, I Called DF direct and their price was higher as was the shipping going to a residence. I got a better deal thru my dealer.

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Ya I'll let you know I think I'm going to try to plastidip the doors white also I'll post back
Thanks for your help, I ordered a set of the Dragonfires last night.
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Here ya go not perfect but I think it will work. I also emailed dragon fire and told them they needed to send some kind of seal kit. Maybe if enough people bug them they will. Food
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Looks great. I haven't ever used PlastiDip before. Comments on the web say it lasts about 6 months then starts to turn brittle. Is this your first application or have you used it before?

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No I've used it before In the past mostly on wheels and emblems. Never had any issues. Wasn't sure if I wanted to keep them black or white so I figured do this then I could always just peel it off later. Planning on doing the decals whenever they come out
Those DF decals look great too. Match the white Lightening Color graphics but in my opinion they are pretty spendy for what you get. The crew looks great though. Nice job. Going to take a look at that garage sealer and see what I can do with it next week. Thanks for posting.

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Hey quick note. I don't have doors, but my wife's rzr does and when I got it stuck the other day I had to climb over them and I'm a big dude. As big as you are just don't get stuck or you can't open the doors to get out. Just something I never though of before so figured I would share.
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