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900 pros/cons

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in the next few weeks im about to trade in my 2012 800 ranger xp in on the 900. are they any pros or cons? if so what are yours? also best place to get stuff for it? can you run 27s on them as well?

thanks yall
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Ive owned both and my father currently owns an 800 midsize LE. Compared to the 800 the Pros are:

-Smoother Engine
-Quieter Engine
-More Power
-Better Cab Configuration
-Better Fuel Economy
-Better Roll Cage to add accessories such as windshield, cab, roof, etc
-Better Suspension

Over the 800 I really can't think of any
cool man thanks!
I'm sitting here trying to think of a Con for the 900 LOL. I guess to nitpick maybe the reverse chain link in the 900 but I think 800 has one too just that its bigger. IDK unless your gonna put massive tires on it and hammer thru mud holes I wouldn't worry about the reverse chain thing, like I said just trying to nitpick.

OK GOT a COUPLE: I DO NOT like the secondary clutch setup on the 14-15 900 but that's also just my opinion. Seems like the jury is still out on the new side intake system found on the 900s. I don't have a problem with them but I might just do the relocate kit Polaris sells for piece of mind since I'm in snow and dust ALOT
ill have to look in to the relocate kit if i end up buying, as i live on the farm we use them everyday. and we are always in the dirt mud snow water lol anything and everything. thanks again man
You bet, the reason I bought a 900 is because most of my friends are farmers or ranchers and the ones with Rangers really talked up their 900's (compared to past rangers they've owned). One guy traded off his 13' Ranger for 14' Commander and will be going back to a 15' Ranger this spring.

Those Rangers get used HARD, daily, and usually get traded off every other year with about 5k -6k miles on them. As hard as they get worked I'm pretty sure not a single one of them has had any issues. IDK if the relocate kit is necessary, but I DO know the recommend it for tracks and snow so there must be a benefit to it, maybe other will chime in
I'd take the 900 over the 800 every time. The 800s have the same back up chain issue they just don't have as much power to break it. If your going to work it the Duraclutchs looks to be a good choice. For performance driving DDP clutches have always worked great for me and some here like the QSC clutches.
Ran side by side with a '13 800 set up very similar to mine.
No question the 900 was superior.

The only con would be that it is a little longer and a little wider, so if you have limited space on or in a trailer, that would be it.
I prefer the manual parking brake setup on the 800 to the Park selection on the 900. That can easily be cured with the addition of the pawtector though. I am jealous of how quiet the 900s are and really like the windshield cage setup, the driver centered gauge, the engine placement, and seat that does not cook passengers!
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