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900 tranmission

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hi guys i'm going to be cracking my trany open soon i think i have a bearing going bad. my question is does anybody have the id and od of the bearings .
i think my problem might b the bearings that sit just inside after the cv . still love the 900 .
have 3 inch lift with over 5000 miles on it so i think it's doing pretty good.

thanks in advance
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All you need is the number off the bearing as a cross reference. If you cannot read them, bring the bearing to the bearing house, they will measure it for you.
i was try to find out the size before i open the trannny
If you know what # you need you can find the measurement on this site,Just put the bearing # in the Enter Item # Here box.
You can find the bearing # here.look under main gear case

ATV Parts Cross-Referencing

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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