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A arm ball joint extensions

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Someone once posted a topic about why you have to extend your ball joint mount on your a a rm when you have forward a arms. The post also include measurements and angles on a drawing. Does anyone know how I can find that post. The post explained the angle and why you have to extend the ball joint mount.
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Does anyone know how I can find that post? Thanks for helping memory!
in order to run forward a arms you do not hae to extend balljoint plate, that's only iff you going big lift and that corrects the negative camber,
Ok so do you remember the thread? The guy that posted it had drawings of why you had to extend the ball joint mount(or what ever it is called) on the a arm.
I just make things big an get drunk f all the special details
Here you go:

Google's search is actually better at finding posts than the built-in search functions of most forums. Just go to google and type in your search terms together with In this case, I used "midsize welded extend ball joint".
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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