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A little help

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I've decided to sell my rough cut mower & replace it with a finish mower. I use the Ranger to pull it to the parking lot in the morning.

Several people have stopped & asked about buying the Ranger. That got me to thinking that I could upgrade to either the 07,08 XP or the RZR if one comes available.
It is an 05. Will all the added bars & canvas & winshield & winch fit the new XP?
168 hours. Misquite scratches is the only thing that I know is wrong with it.
Any ideas on value?
As it sits:
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I can't swear to it but I really see no reason why that stuff wouldn't fit. Of course I don't think any of it would fit the RZR but another Ranger should work fine.

Where are you located and how much do you want for the rough cut mower?

I am in the market for one.

I have an 05 as well. Everything I have bought was for 05 - 07 XP's. It's all the same as far as I can tell. Which sort of begs the question, why upgrade ? I hear there may be a new model in 08, but the 05 is very similer to the 07, not the exact same , but not different enough to make an upgrade worth the hit, at least to me.
I'm in Clovis New Mexico, which is on the eastern boarder.
I've only mowed about 20 acres with it. Now that I have it knocked down, I want to buy the same company's finish cut mower.

I didn't mean to make a classified ad out of this thread. If the powers that be wish to move it, go for it.

The 07's are faster & have the instrumentation & I can get a cammo one.
What is new for 08?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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