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I took the Ranger 570 to my local Tire Shop/Garage and had Anthoney move my rear shocks to the Out Board Position. I had the Front Springs Cranked Up 2 Notch's, and the Back 3 Notch's.

NOTE: You need the UTV Jacked up to take the load off the springs. Both bolts needed removed to move the back shocks to the out board position. The Spanner Wrench for the spring rate adjustment is in the machines tool kit.

It went from an sloppy F100 Two Wheel Drive ride, to an F250 4X4 ride. All the sway and sagging with a load is gone. Feels much better to me now.

My Dragon Fire Seat Belt Interloc Jumper Plug came in today also. That was about a 30 Second installation.
Raise the passenger seat, Unplug the Interloc connector from the Drivers seat belt, and plug in the jumper.
If I want the seat belt interloc to work again, it will take about 30 seconds to unplug the jumper plug and plug the seat belt wiring back in.

My Seat Covers finally shipped from the notification I got a couple days ago. With luck I will have them next week. I hope the mail is faster than their shipping department.

So Far I have:
Removed the Door Safety Nets.
Rain-X'ed the Glass Windshield.
Jumped out the Seat Belt Interlock.
Stiffened up the suspension.
Installed a Stall Matt in the Bed.
Got a 20 Quart K2 cooler in Green for cold drinks. That is dual purpose for the Kayak trips also. My Perception Tribe 11.5 Kayak is in Camo, so the Cooler is color coordinated for both.

When I get the seat covers installed I will have it about where I want it.

Bob R
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