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that after months of use we are now supplying. It's called Getsome 1000 and it simply works! WD-40 it isn't!
We're pretty impressed with the stuff for several reasons. I have a few motorcycles and I'm pretty particular about maintenance. I've used it on throttle and clutch cables including pivot points such as levers, kickstands and footpegs with great results. Even after a few washings the stuff is still there.
What has impressed us the most though has been as a chain lube. I've used them all and I've used all types. PJ1, BelRay, Silcolene. Wax, lubes etc. Conclusion has always been they're a mess or just not that effective. Chain wear has been poor with some and sling has always been an issue. Now I'm not going to say that Getsome doesn't sling at all as they all will. I will say it's been at a minimum and because it's a food grade lube you don't need to break out the kerosene or Purple Power to remove it.
I swore I wouldn't sell it until I'd put it thru my real world use. After a few months of use I'm impressed. It's as good of a lubricant as I've ever used and it sticks around better than any I've seen.
We're selling it at MSRP of $18.95 (11 ounce aerosol) but we are offering free USPS shipping to anywhere in the 48 States. You can get some Getsome here:
Get Some 1000 11 oz Aerosol

Tire Automotive tire Wheel Rim Auto part

From the manufacturers website:
GETSOME 1000 is Long Lasting, Non static, non toxic, non staining, non conductive, it will not dry out, gum up or turn gooey, non halogenic, non carcegenic, LOW VOC, NO CFCs, safe on plastics, metals, points, enamels, fiberglass, NO Residual Petroleum Odor.
Engineered with pharmaceutical grade machine oils and blended with the Newest Technology in High Friction Anti Wear and Anti Corrosive Additives.
Professional Grade, Commercial Grade, Industrial to Household Applications.
Green and Mean.
Exclusive Formula developed, designed and engineered to exceed industry standards for a multi purpose lubricant. Tested and approved by industry professionals.
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