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I notice some of your pictures showed two occupants and they looked a bit cozy.

How cramped is the cockpit and how's the leg room?



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Bill will agree with me on the compartment not being cramped. When we tested it Troy was driving and he is 6-2" and both of us are large enough that I thought we would be cramped, but we you get into the cab that all goes away. Without the center console like the Rhino it just fits fine. Bill is taller than all of us and he has no problem with the fit. The passenger side has the "Oh Crap" bar and it was nice to have instead of hanging on to the cage and wearing out your arm in a awkward position. I think everyone is going to be surprised at the room when they first sit in it.

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Here is another little cool feature. the two seats are interchangable and adjustable, so for example if a husband and wife have a huge size difference one seat can be adjusted forward and one back. Once adjusted on the tray they can be swiched from side to side with no tools, just pop it out and swap them.

Like Don said, everyone will be very surprised at how well the ergos are designed.

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