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Air Filter Problem?!

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Brother Wagz, I read in another thread here that you've either experienced or heard of some who have had air filter issues with the 2014 Polaris Ranger 570s?! This is news to me; please explain!
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Yep the placement sucks! !! What I did was replace the filter and then add a bead of waterproof silicone and put the lid back on.
Okay so it's just the placement of the air box and that the lid doesn't completely seal against the box? Granted I'm replacing my filter mainly because I'd prefer an oiled-foam filter but what was your reason for replacing yours?
The lid seal is a common issue. Alot of members and owners use silicone to seal the lid. Another issue is on the 570's and the 900's where the intake sucks air from the side of the cab, Those owners tend to put "prefilters" on the cover to prevent crap from getting in so easily. Some even snorkel to elmimnate debris as much as possible.

What model do you have?
Ahh, gotcha; I saw a post you made to another thread that left me concerned and since I couldn't find any other threads specifically regarding this issue I thought I'd ask. I have a 2014 Ranger 570 Mid Size. I know the air intake for the belt has a pre-filter directly behind the plastic slat-like vent on the side of the machine just below the seat but the engine air intake does not; it simply relies on the air filter to handle everything. I've snorkeled my machine and although I'll be going back over the work (changed my mind on the design a little) the ports will open towards the back of the unit so I'm not certain that any additional pre-filter(s) will be necessary.
Post some pics of your snorkel. Curious to see how you ran them
Per request...disregard the offset stacks; this was taken before I cut them all even and painted 'em.
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How does that look with the bed on? I take it you had to cut some of the bed.
yea gotta cut the bed my buddy has a 570 he snorkeled it day 1 his gets a lil water in the bottom of his box after a long day of water riding not that bad
HA! Thought I recognized that pic Mike! This Travis from TOHV! :) Looks good Bud!
Looks good, how much of the bed did you have to cut off
HA! Thought I recognized that pic Mike! This Travis from TOHV! :) Looks good Bud!
lol What's going on buddy; good to see we have some local support!!
Looks good, how much of the bed did you have to cut off
Thanks bud, I ended up cutting a little more of the bed than I really needed to (over measured) but 33" wide, 8" high. Although that sounds like a lot the bed is still 100% functional and it doesn't seem to have lost any structural integrity.
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